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Make An Offer – Start A Negotiation

On most of our domains we give buyers the option to make an offer, no VAT is due. However, before you submit an offer please consider it carefully. We receive a lot of offers, so be realistic if you want negotiations to progress. The comments section on the “make an offer form” is there to support your offer. We may accept your offer without negotiation or make a counter-offer. We do not price premium domains and leave them subject to negotiation. All domains remain for sale to others whilst negotiations are in progress.

Once you’re offer has been submitted you should receive a confirmation email; if you don’t please get in touch with us we may not have received your offer. The normal response time for an offer is within 48 hours and we respond to all offers within 7 days of receipt. If we don’t hear from you for up to 5 days during negotiations then it will be assumed negotiations are finished and open negotiations with any other interested parties.

After we have agreed upon a price an invoice in PDF format will be sent to you, our terms and conditions and request payment by your chosen method. Once we have received your payment we’ll then request the details you wish to use for your domain registration and initiate the transfer of the domain to yourself. Our domain transfers are free of charge.

Payment Methods



Once the invoice has been sent out, then paying via Paypal is one of the simplest and quickest ways to pay for your domain name. Whether you pay via dollars or pounds, or any other currency, this will not be an issue with this payment method.


Bank Transfer Using BACS

Quick and straight forward, with minimal delays, requires all payments to be made in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Payments can also be wired to our account from outside of the UK, but currency conversion or other payment fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Once the full amount is in our account then we’ll initiate the transfer of the domain.


Escrow Services

This is the most secured way of payment for both buyer and seller. This utilises an independent intermediary to handle the transaction and changeover of ownership. While more secure, the process is a little more complex, and takes longer to complete. The buyer is required to create an account at Escrow.com and to complete the required actions requested via Escrow.com emails.


Finalise The Deal

Now that you have ownership of your domain name we suggest you check the Nominet WHOIS Opens in a new window record for your domain to make sure that Data Validation has been successful. Contact details used must match those that are publically available (such as at Companies House, electoral register, etc.) in order to be sure that Nominet are able to verify you or your company.

To have control of your domain you need to transfer it into your account at your chosen domain registrar, eg. GoDaddy, 123-Reg,1&1 Internet. This is normally a free process, and has to be initiated by yourself or your web developer.

You’re domain name is now is under your control, now you should set the contact email address associated with it, as this is used for renewal reminder emails. Avoid using personal addresses that belong to employees as they may expire over time. Make sure that the address you use is permanent or you may risk losing your domain name when your next renewal is due. These changes can be done via the control panel of the account at your chosen domain registrar.

Escrow Payments by Escrow.com

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